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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology [BScIT]

Course Name: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology [B Sc IT]

Course duration: 3 Years [6 Semester]

Total Credits: 120 Credits 

Elegible to apply: +2 or Proficiency Certificate Level pass in any discipline  

Intake: Aug / Feb 


  • Imparting knowledge of computer and programming logic environment in IT.
  • Knowledge of advanced IT applications in different business sectors.
  • To equip students with the technical knowledge required for an IT professional to handle multi-tasking and multi-programming situations and to assess and develop computer based solutions.

First Semester 

Sub Code Title Credit
BT0062 Fundamentals of IT 4
BT0063 Mathematics for IT 4
BT0064 Logic Design 4
BT0065 C Programming and Data Structures – Theory 3
BT0066 Database Management System 3
BT0067 C Programming and Data Structures – Practical 2
  Total Cumulative Credits 20

Second Semester

Sub Code Title Credit
BT0068 Computer Organization and Architecture 4
BT0069 Discrete Mathematics 4
BT0070 Operating Systems 4
BT0071 Technical Communication - Theory 2
BT0072 Computer Networks 4
BT0073 OS and DBMS – Practical 2
  Total Cumulative Credits 40

Thirs Semester 

Sub Code Title Credit
BT0074 OOPS with Java 4
BT0075 RDBMS with MySQL 4
BT0076 TCP/IP 4
BT0077 Multimedia System 2
BT0078 Website design 2
BT0079 Mini Project 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 60

Fourth Semester

Sub Code Title Credit
BT0080 Fundamentals of Algorithms 4
BT0081 Software Engineering 4
BT0082 Visual Basic 4
BT0083 Serverside programming - Theory 4
BT0084 Technical Communication - Practical 2
BT0085 Serverside sode programming - Practical 2
  Total Cumulative Credits 80

Fifth Semester 

Sub Code Title Credit
BT0086 Mobile Computing 4
BT0087 WML and WAP Programing - Theory 4
BT0088 Cryptography and Network Security 4
BT0089 Elective -1 & 4
BT0090 Elective -2 # 4
BT0091 WML and WAP Programing - Practical 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 100

Semester Six

Sub Code Title Credit
BT0092 Software Project Management 4
BT0093 Elective -3 $ 4
BT0094 Elective -4 @ 4
BT0095 Project Work 8
  Total Cumulative Credits 120


Sub Code Elective 1 & (Choose one) Sub Code Elective 2 # (Choose one)
BT8901 Objective Oriented Systems BT9001 Data Mining
BT8902 E-Commerce BT9002 Grid Computing
BT8903 C# Programming BT9003
Data Storage Management
Sub Code Elective 3 $ (Choose one) Sub Code Elective 4 @ (Choose one)
BT9301 Computer Graphics BT9401 Pattern Recognition
BT9302 Human Computer Interface BT9402 Artificial Intelligence
BT9303 Design Patterns BT9403 Virtual Reality


Eligibility: 10 + 2 /PCL or equivalent  / 3 Year Diploma from a recognize college/university

Industry/Organizations Careers
IT & IT Services Software Engineer
IT & IT Services Computer Progemmer
IT & IT Services Interface Engineer
IT & IT Services Java Developer
IT & IT Services Project Manager
IT & IT Services Information Security Analyst
IT & IT Services IT cunsultant
IT & IT Services Network Administrator
IT & IT Services Web developer
IT & IT Services Systems Support Administrator
Security Agencies
Security Expert, Tracker


1) SLC or equivalent mark sheet
2) SLC or equivalent character certificate
3) 10+2 or equivalent transcript
4) 10+2 or equivalent character certificate
5) recent PP size color photo
In addition you need the following:
6) Blood Group
7) Parent's Name
8) Temporary and Permanent Address
9) Personal email address
10) Marital Status
11) Date of Birth (in BS and AD)
12) Contact Number (Home and Office)